27 Jul 2014

The story about the origin of this super beautiful machine is pretty unique. After the bankruptcy of Bimota in 1999 there was a restart in 2002 with new owners. They wanted Bimota, with such a big name  in frame construction, to stay alive. When walking through the factory they found several dozen very modern SB8S frames. The frames were partially made of a cast aluminum alloy with a high-quality carbon fiber box structure around the heart of the machine. It was a not seen before design and certainly revolutionary in its time. Not really surprising that they found these frames, because it was / is indeed the great specialty of Bimota. They made / make the most fantastic and super steering frames.

But not only the frame was exceptional. The Bimota technicians took the whole bike one step further. The tank and body were produced out of carbon fiber. For the front and rear damping everything from Ölins was mounted on. In addition, they mounted the much lighter OZ Racing wheels. They wanted the best of the best.

The milling of the smaller components was the next thing addressed. By doing this this frame was not only lighter but also much more beautiful. Yet they were not ready at Bimota. The engine, which we already knew from the SB series, was also thoroughly addressed. He was mildly tuned and equipped by the Bimota designed Radial EFI injection system. The SB8K Santa Monica is the only production motorcycle in the world that uses this system designed by Bimota.

Because of its weight and rigidity the SB8K Santa Monica, with the tuned Suzuki TL1000 block, it is the best deal you could find. The total weight was reduced to 181 kg and the capacity increased to 143 HP at 9700 RPM. Complemented by superb milling work and painting, this has become a showpiece of Bimota.

With confidence we dare to say that this Bimota one of the most quality products that came from the factory, if not from all bike manufacturers. In other words, the Bimota "Santa Monica Millennium". Our bike is one of about 25 copies and has a 00000 counter and is one of top items in our Bimota Galleria Collectione!

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