Small production numbers of, most of the time, by hand produced bikes. Hig-end materials were the standard for every Bimota model that was made. more.



Balanced to perfection. To get the maximum out of the bike was target instead of goal for Bimota. more.


in technique

Light in weight. Heavy in power. A golden combination from Bimota. more.

Their time ahead

& also Timeless

Their own unique vision in engineering carried through to the appearance of the engine. more.

Bimota, Galleria Ollanda.

We were established in a time when bimota was wanted by the bike lovers but was expensive too. Now that only a select few of those collectors are still around, we have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for collectors and owners everywhere.

  • YB6

    Yamaha engine

  • DB2 RS

    Ducati engine

  • VDue-500

    Bimota engine

  • YB9

    Yamaha engine

  • SB8 - Santa Monica

    Suzuki engine

  • BB1 - SuperMono

    Race Replica - BMW engine

  • BB1 - Supermono

    BMW motorblok

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