21 Jul 2014

The VDue shown here is new and picked up in 2002 at the factory in Rimini. This is totally original and has a 500 cc V twin 2tact with Weber / Mirelli injection system that deliveres 135 hp.

Bimota was the first and is the only one that produced a V twin engine with 2tact INJECTION for the road. Of the 620 produced VDue's 500 there are, by Bimota, many converted to carburetors after the call back. One of them is the Evoluzione Troffeo, the later model. It's supplied with carburetors Vdue and has 105 hp.

The exact number of the original with injection is not entirely clear. It is estimated at about 150.

After 15 years of development, the VDue came too late for The GP 500 2tact Racers. In the year that followed after the introduction they went to the 800cc 4tact and the project was therewfore never successful. That was the reason the factory went bankrupt

But with their exclusivity, exceptional design of Sergio Robiano and their great handling the VDue will always be a popular bike.

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