28 Jul 2014

The BIMOTA YB6 was presented in 1987 at the motor show in Tokyo.

The bike was equipped with Yamaha FZR Genesis engine block. The engine equipped with five valves per cylinder delivered the Yamagha bike 135 HP the Yamaha. It delivered the Bimota 140 HP through better use of the in- and exhaust. Partly because of his very low weight. 185 kg for a 1000 cc , it was at that time the fastest motorcycle in the world for the road.

The beautiful frame of high quality aluminum was completely designed around the block by the hand of Federico Martini. This he had also used in the Bimota 750I.E for the Formula 1 (forerunner of the current Super Bike's) where Virginio Ferrari became World champignon and Davide Tardozzi finished 2nd. The frame combined with the beautifully designed body and paint job in the Bimota Colours Red / White with gold rim, it was certainly an example for today's modern bikes.

The later, by Pier Luigi Marconi, designed YB series from BIMOTA that followed, such as the YB8 - Tuatara - Furanoen - Dieci, were a feast for the eye and timeless in design. In the later series the same frame design was used but with different body and paintwork.

The here shown YB6 is from 1988 and was bought new from the factory. It's tuned block and 37mm Mikuni's delivered 152 HP. There is 11.312km odometer and is almost in new condition. The YB6 production stopped at 546.

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28 Jul 2014

Bimota YB9SR introduced in 1994, this was more than four years later then the presentation of the YB9 Bellaria in 1989.

The YB9SR had the same frame construction as the other YB series, such as the YB6, YB8, Tuatara and Dieci. This frame was designed by Federico Martini. Pier Luigi Marconi was responsible for the design of the body.

The YB9 SR had an output of 102 hp at 9300 rev / min. Front and rear suspension was from Paioli and brakes with 320mm floating discs were from Brembo. The wheels were the well-known three-spoke lightweight Marchesini's. Of the YB9SR are 651 produced. Later followed the YB9 SRI with the injection system that delivered 106 HP and 225 of them were produced.

The Lamborghini Yellow YB9SR we have at the galleria is still completely in original condition and has only run 149 KM. The displayed Red YB9 SR is not entirely original. The exhaust is replaced with a much lighter double short silencer and the engine is tuned. On the dyno measured 118 hp. With a weight brought back to 169 kg this makes it a great bike to perform well in the 600 cc class.

Published in Motoren

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