21 Jul 2014

The illustrated Bimota DB2RS was purchased new by Bimota Galleria in 1996. After the improvement of the TDD management system 11,323 km was driven on it.

157 DB2RS were built, of which 73 in this color. The drawings for the DB2 were already finished at Bimota, but they were not able to produce it and put it on the market before the Ducati 916. Last mentioned was also designed by Massimo Tamburini. Therefore the engines have a lot of similarities. If Bimota was put on the market earlier then the Ducati 916, then the success of the Ducati 916 would perhaps went towards Bimota.

There are a total of 771 DB2 produced of which:

  • DB2: 408 units
  • DB2 RS: 157 units
  • DB2 EF: 100 units
  • DB2 J 400 (Japan): 106 units
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